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Remus Lupin/Regulus Black

It's far more than just about the brother and the best friend.

Remus/Regulus fandom goods
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In the past few months I've noticed that the pairing of Remus Lupin/Regulus Black has been getting more and more popular. Why, I'm not quite sure, but there it is, and everywhere you turn, there are stories and ideas galore. Seeing that there was no community dedicated to the ship, I felt the need to start it up, given that the idea of the ship came to me ages ago.

Let the love of Remus/Regulus be expressed!

Here at crowned_moon, you can post about the following things:

-- Remus/Regulus fanfiction (any rating is fine, but MUST be put under an LJ-cut)
-- Remus/Regulus fanart (again, always under a cut)
-- Remus/Regulus discussions, whether canon related or what have you. No fangirlish netspeak allowed or else I will delete your post and more than likely ban you.
-- Any webpages/websites/archives that include Remus/Regulus. No community promotions are allowed unless they are EXPLICITLY about Remus/Regulus. Anything else will be deleted and the person will most likely be banned.
-- Remus/Regulus graphics (i.e., icons, banners, backgrounds, buttons, etc) are allowed, but must ALL be put under a cut, and credit given to the artist always.

Anything else that is posted and is irrelevent will be deleted, and the poster may be banned from the community, depending on the offence. There are a thousand other communities for advertising your RPs and comms, and this isn't one of them. Please respect the rules when you join, and overall, just have fun.